Tzvi Strauss Takes to the Sky to Pursue His Dreams

TZVI STRAUSS TAKES TO THE SKY TO PURSUE HIS DREAMS -- Central Junior Tzvi Strauss is pictured flying during an aviation lesson.

Provided to the Central Digest by Tzvi Strauss

TZVI STRAUSS TAKES TO THE SKY TO PURSUE HIS DREAMS — Central Junior Tzvi Strauss is pictured flying during an aviation lesson.

Bailey Brantingham, Head Staff Writer

While many start to pursue their dreams after high school, some are eager to start as soon as possible. One example of an ambitious person is one of Central’s very own: Junior Tzvi Strauss.

Strauss began his dream career of becoming a pilot in 2018. Earlier on in his life, Strauss made a few bad decisions, but in 2012, he had a realization.

“After a while of this going on, I realized that it was time to start to shape up or I would be in prison, and I needed a support system to do this. In the summer of 2018, I went to my family in Denver, Colorado, and over there I joined the Civil Air Patrol (C.A.P.),” wrote Strauss.

Strauss had loved flying since he was little, but it was around this time that he discovered that pursuing a career as a pilot could change his life and allow him to do something that makes him truly happy. On December 4, Strauss signed a contract with the Air Force, which guarantees him a career with the organization.

Strauss earned his pilot’s license after 48 hours of air time and 38 hours of ground school, in which he was taught the skills of flying by the Air Force. For his first few flights, he had an instructor with him until he got his solo license. With this license, he can fly by himself under an altitude of 80,000 feet.

“I think that it is impressive that someone so young has the ability to fly anywhere across the country. He has a lot of energy, and he has future plans of being in the Air Force, so this is a perfect outlet for him,” shared Strauss’s English teacher, Gregory Cantrell.

Earning his license was a tough and tenacious process, but Strauss persevered and continued to work hard to earn his license and become one step closer to achieving his dream

“You start in the co-pilot seat while they teach and you take notes. After a few times, they let you sit in the captain’s seat and take off, and they ask you questions about what you’re supposed to do. It’s just a gradual process,” described Strauss.

Although the journey has been tough, Strauss fought through and built up a life that would change his future for the better. Aviation gave him an outlet to express himself and improve his demeanor. Strauss is a hardworking and dedicated student that Central is proud to have.