Casey McGrath Is October’s Teacher Of The Month


Carmen Breitenbach

CASEY MCGRATH IS OCTOBER”S TEACHER OF THE MONTH– McGrath teaching her 4th period Geometry Class.

Carmen Breitenbach, Columnist

The months seem to be going by faster and faster which means more Teacher of the Month nominations. Each month, students vote for a teacher they think is deserving of this title. October’s Teacher of the Month is Ms. Casey McGrath, a 10th grade Geometry teacher located in B-pod. 

For high school, McGrath attended Cave Spring High School in Virginia. After that, she moved to Cleveland, Tennessee and went to Lee University, majoring in Mathematics. She then went on to get her Masters at Vanderbilt University , located in Nashville, Tennessee, where she studied Secondary Education for Mathematics. McGrath has been teaching for a total of five years and previously taught at McGavock High School before coming to Central. This is her second year at Central. 

Since McGrath started at a new school during the pandemic last year, it definitely came with its ups and downs. 

The best part of my day is always getting to interact with students and build relationships with them. That was so hard to do last year with students who were online, so this year has been great since I can now do that with every student,”  McGrath explained when asked about her teaching experience last year. 

She enjoys that her students are now in her classroom which enables her to get to know them in a way she couldn’t before. It also engages the students and gives them an opportunity to figure problems out together instead of alone, which McGrath is grateful for. 

“We are able to do more activities and work together in ways that we couldn’t last year. I have also loved hearing students talk about math together! That may seem weird, but I truly believe that math is best learned in community, so getting to have and hear students work together has been my favorite part of this year,” says McGrath.

McGrath is very passionate about teaching her students and what they can learn from her. She enjoys that everything in Geometry is logical, makes connections, and explains how a lot of things in the world work together. Many of her students also appreciate the passion McGrath has for her work. 

“She’s a very kind teacher. She took her time and made sure I understood what I was being taught during a difficult time for everyone (the start of the pandemic),” said Junior Keaton Hesson. “She is a very involved teacher, I can tell she respects her students which makes me have respect for her in return.”

Outside of the classroom, McGrath is an assistant volleyball coach. She was an athlete in high school herself and always enjoyed playing and watching sports, so she was eager to try and be a part of the new coaching staff for volleyball. McGrath was excited to build her community at Central with the students in a non-academic setting. 

“Being able to spend time with students in a non-academic setting gives me the chance to get to know them even more…” explained McGrath.

McGrath is looking forward to the rest of the school year with her students, and is excited to find new ways to engage and excite them about learning. She has high hopes for her students. 

“My hope every school year is very similar to what I hope students get out of my class: that students will believe in their own capability to do math and that they would know I care about them as a person, not just as a student,” expressed McGrath.

McGrath is making not only an academic impact on her students but also a personal one. She cares about her students individually and what she can offer to better their learning experience during her short time with them.