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Lexi Newland
Hi!!! I am in the junior class and a Staff Writer for The Central Digest. In my free time, I love to draw, be with my friends, and read. My favorite books are the Sookie Stackhouse novels that the HBO series True Blood is based on. I have a dog named Sylla, a Black Lab-German Shepherd mix, a 6 month old kitten named Cheeks, and a Chinese Dwarf Hamster, named Hamtaro. I love art almost as much as I love my animals, and I enroll in as many art classes as I possibly can even though I am in the Education Pathway. As for other extracurricular activities, I plan to join Art and Humanities Clubs if they are formed this year, despite the fact that my schedule is quite busy. I am in Honors English 11, AP American Studies, Life Connect and Spanish 1, along with Journalism. After college, I plan to become an elementary level teacher. They are excited to come to school and learn at a young age, unlike most older kids who have been in school for a long period of time. I would teach them to color outside the lines and be creative. While coloring inside the lines is what is accepted in society as the "norm", some of the most interesting people live outside the box of normality. Creativity is key.

Lexi Newland, Staff Writer

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Lexi Newland