Central’s Football Team is Getting a New Scoreboard

CENTRALS NEW SCOREBOARD -- Shown above is a preview of what Centrals new scoreboard will look like.

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CENTRAL’S NEW SCOREBOARD — Shown above is a preview of what Central’s new scoreboard will look like.

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer

Over the past two years, our football team has had some issues with their scoreboard, such as the lights, the controller the referees use, and with the colors on the sign fading.

Assistant Principal and Athletic Director Steve Lewis brought up the issues with Coca-Cola. They provided the original scoreboard and all of the services needed for it. He discussed the possibility of receiving a brand new scoreboard for the upcoming season. After the end of the 2020 football season, the new scoreboard was approved.

Lewis was able to pick the design of the new scoreboard. He did not change much on the appearance based on the old scoreboard. However, other aspects have been improved. For example, this scoreboard will be must more resistant to fading and all of the lighting will be LED.

“It is very exciting. They are supposed to be out soon to bring a crane out and [put up the new scoreboard]. It will be a major deal, but we’re real excited,” said Lewis.

Now, the referees controllers will be wireless, creating much more freedom with use. For instance, an official will nt have to worry about the cord and can carry the device wherever he needs to. Also coming in will be new controllers for the announcers’ box.

“I am super excited to see the new scoreboard that [Coca-Cola] has provided for our boys. I also want to thank Mr. Lewis for working so hard to get us a new scoreboard,” shared Coach Jones.

The new scoreboard will be installed soon and should be fully operational by the beginning of the next football season. Be sure not to miss it while supporting the Pounders next school year.