Two Truths, One Laurelie: New Year, nEw mE

New Year, nEw mE -- The start of the new year is a popular time for lifestyle changes and new adventures!

Celisia Snakenberg

New Year, nEw mE — The start of the new year is a popular time for lifestyle changes and new adventures!

Laurelie Holmberg, Columnist

Let’s be honest here guys, New Year’s resolutions are kind of a joke. We often tell ourselves we are going to lose weight or learn to play the violin. One year, I decided to learn how to do a handstand. Understandably, I still do not know how to do a handstand. Unfortunately, most people drop their resolutions less than a month into the new year, just as I have done. In this week’s column, I decided to talk about some practical resolutions and how to stay committed to them.

The first resolution that often is quickly ditched is the basic weight loss resolution. The first week is easy; the resilience, new equipment, and attitude are all there. However, as the year gets busier many find themselves getting caught up in school or work and slowly lose focus on their goal. To combat this, I suggest making a more specific resolution. Possibly commit to drinking more water or choosing to eat a healthier breakfast. The smaller the goal, the easier it is to attack it in a healthy and productive way.

Another resolution that is often mistakenly made is the commitment to becoming smarter or becoming successful. Although these are wonderful goals to have, they are difficult and too broad. Typically the more difficult the goal the faster frustration sets in and the goal is then given up. I suggest starting with something such as committing to reading one book a month and maybe find a part-time job or volunteer work. Reading increases knowledge and a job leads to social skills and being able to connect well with others.

The last resolution that many fail at quickly is the promise to be a better person. This is not to say people fail at being nice, but often times people fail at helping themselves before learning to help others. Although it is wonderful to help others, often times it is important when one is content and happy with themselves first. I suggest starting the year off with buying a journal or researching self-care. Beauty products and plants are a great way to begin.  It also may be helpful to develop a routine specifically altered to a special schedule. Routines often make people more organized and create a feeling of security.

This year, I made a few interesting resolutions which I decided to leave as my Two Truths and One lie. Good Luck!

  1. I want to stay off my social media more.
  2. I want to start listening to podcasts.
  3. I want to write more and learn a new craft.