Carm’s Corner: Happy Thanksgiving!


Amber Burchfield

CARM’S CORNER: HAPPY THANKSGIVING! — Carmen Breitenbach standing with Thanksgiving turkey.

Carmen Breitenbach , Columnist

Thanksgiving is just around the corner. The time to go visit family, eat your weight in food, and take in all the Christmas lights that are up way too early is upon us. When thinking of Thanksgiving, you normally think of turkeys, food, and getting the day off from everything hectic going on in your life. Thanksgiving can be those things but Thanksgiving also brings families together and allows you to stop for a minute and give thanks for the blessings in your life. Maybe you skip Thanksgiving altogether and go straight to Christmas, or maybe you’re someone who as soon as Halloween is over, the only thing you think about is Christmas. Thanksgiving can look different for everyone, and everyone spends the holiday in different ways. Some people have Thanksgiving traditions and others don’t. Some people have ham at Thanksgiving and others have turkey. Maybe for you, Thanksgiving is cooking all day with your Mom while family you haven’t seen in awhile comes to town. Maybe for you, it’s going out of town to see your grandparents who let you eat dessert before the main course. Maybe for you, it’s just another day sitting around the house and enjoying your time off. Maybe you don’t even do any of that and you celebrate something completely different altogether. No matter what Thanksgiving looks like for you, we can all agree there’s something in our lives we can stop and be thankful for no matter how small or how big. 

I don’t know how everyone is spending their Thanksgiving, but here’s how a few Central students are spending theirs. 

Freshman Sydnei Collin is spending her Thanksgiving in Jacksonville, Florida with her extended family that she hasn’t seen in awhile. She’s most excited to see her Aunt and especially her cousin who’s around the same age as her. She’s looking forward to being able to spend time with her family that she doesn’t get to see that often but also the car ride down there because her family is together and it gives an opportunity for bonding. The food she’s looking forward to the most once she gets down there is dressing (who can blame her). One tradition that Collin and her family have every year is to say who and what they’re thankful for the most. This year Collin is thankful for a few things.

“I’m most thankful to be here on the planet another year but I’m also thankful for my family and my dog,” Collin shares.

Akiera Range, a 10th Grader, is traveling to Jasper, Tennessee this Thanksgiving to see family as well. She’s looking forward the most to the food, specifically the Mac and Cheese (my personal favorite), but she’s also excited to see her cousins. Range and her family go outside and sit by the fire each Thanksgiving for a time of reflection and bonding while everyone’s together. Thanksgiving, to Akiera, is about being thankful for your family or whoever you love and care about. 

“I’m most thankful for getting through everything this year and my friends,” Range explains.

Donovan Smith, a Junior here at Central, is spending his Thanksgiving locally with his girlfriend. Donovan is looking forward most to the food (who isn’t) and getting time to bond with his girlfriend’s family. He is excited to dive into some chicken and explore the Thanksgiving traditions his girlfriend and her family participates in. Smith is thankful for the opportunities he’s had this past year but also for his family and loved ones. 

“Thanksgiving to me means gathering with family and cherishing one another,” Smith shares.

Senior Janetth Colunga is traveling to Atlanta, Georgia to see her mom’s side of the family this Thanksgiving. Colunga is looking forward the most to the food because of the variety of choices there will be. Her favorite foods to indulge in are Ham, Mac and Cheese, Peach Cobbler, and “lots of pie.” Colunga is most excited to see her cousin, Julie, who lives in Athens, GA that she doesn’t get to see often due to distance and school. Janetth and her family go around the table each Thanksgiving and say what they’re thankful for as a tradition. Thanksgiving to Colunga means  being able to celebrate gratitude as well as thankfulness from this past year. 

“What I’m thankful for this year is for my baby cousin that my aunt had. She’s brought so much joy in our lives because after two miscarriages she finally had her baby girl she’s been wanting for forever,” shares Colunga on what she’s thankful for.

No matter what your plans are for this Thanksgiving, whether it’s going out of town to see family or staying locally to bond with other people you care about, take a minute to count your blessings and give thanks. This year has been a super crazy and chaotic ride, so it can be hard to find the good outcomes, but one already is that we’re here and things are starting to look up. This year I’m thankful for the times I get to have fun and be a kid before I have to go and make grown up decisions. I’m thankful for my family, friends, and teachers who give me support through trying times and also for the guidance each gives me in their own ways. I look forward to the rest of the year and I’m glad this Thanksgiving feels a little more normal than last. Happy Thanksgiving Central!