Carm’s Corner: No Phone Zone


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CARM’S CORNER: NO PHONE ZONE — Student phones pictured in containers distributed by administration.

Carmen Breitenbach, Columnist

There have been several changes around Central since coming back from winter break. New rules have been implemented and students have very mixed feelings about it all. Central students have always been very opinionated about changes around the school they go to but now they might be more vocal than ever. 

Students were presented a new cell phone policy during school hours when coming back in January from break. We as teens are seen as raging cell phone addicts, and although some of that may be true, most students thought the new policy a little extreme. With the new policy in place students are required to give their phones up to their teacher at the beginning of every class period. Students are not allowed to have them in advisory either and can only access them during class change or lunch. This change can either be viewed as a good or bad thing. 

“I understand why the new rule was put in place because some students would be on their phones when they weren’t supposed to be, but I didn’t ever think it was that much of an issue. I think it can help the people that did get on their phones too much, but I think each teacher should be able to make their own phone rules for their classroom. I don’t think it was enough of a problem to go to the extreme of forcing every student in every class to turn in their phones in even advisory,” states Sophomore, Olivia Keebler. 

Most students are understanding of the new policy but also think it hinders them as well. 

“It affects me in both a good and bad way. It helps me focus a little bit more but not having access to it distracts me just a little bit as well because it makes me think about who needs me and if there is an emergency or family matter i need to attend to,” explains Senior, Caleb Yglesias. 

Phones have carved a permanent spot in our daily routine for years now and for most it’s a change to not be able to look down at the time or check a text from a family member or friend. Phones have no doubt been a distraction at some point in our lives and this can be looked at as an opportunity to focus better and work harder, however the student body mostly agrees that these extents are extreme. I have no doubt though that Central students will finish this year out better than ever and the future can look hopeful with these new rules.