Carm’s Corner: The School Year Is Heading Toward the Finish Line


Kendra Jones

CARM’S CORNER– The countdown until graduation.

Carmen Breitenbach, Columnist

As the fourth quarter moves along at Central High, students are working tirelessly to finish out the year on a good note —  whether that’s with grades, activities, or athletics. It’s a busy time for all of us.


Academic Awards Days are fast approaching. This shines a spotlight on all students who have worked their hardest for well-deserved grades and recognition. Even though the awards days are coming up, I know I can speak for Mr. Phil Iannarone, our principal, when I say that school is far from over. The days of April 19-28 are when statewide end-of-course tests are given in Algebra I, Algebra II, Geometry, English 9, English 10, U.S. History and Biology. 


Seniors and Juniors are also looking forward to a long awaited prom. Last year’s prom was called off due to not enough tickets being sold and this year’s prom is tentatively scheduled for May 14. Seniors in particular have their big Senior Night May 14 coming up where Mr. and Miss Central will be announced. This year’s Senior Court consists of six boys and six girls. Graduation is also on the list of events coming up to finish out the year and preparations have already begun with speeches being drafted along with caps and gowns being ordered. That big night is scheduled for May 17.

“I’m happy that this chapter of my life is ending and that I get to start a new one but I’m also excited for these last few months of memories I get to make with my friends and as a high school student,” says Senior Angel Villanueva. 

Yes, it’s a special time for all of our seniors.

“I’m very hopeful going into Junior year and excited for what more Central has to offer me my last two years. Junior year can sometimes be described as stressful because of ACT prep and all activities that get you ready academically for Senior year, but I’m excited to keep moving and come into my own,” says Sophomore Olivia Keebler.

Sophomores are all excited to be moving up the totem pole of high school and becoming upperclassmen.


Students will On the athletic field, baseball, softball, boys soccer, and track are all actively competing as Spring finally warms up into full bloom. Baseball just claimed a huge upset win over East Hamilton, 2-1. Softball has won 5-of-6 games and is playing well, too. Soccer’s season isn’t going as planned, but the team is playing hard and giving it their all. So is track. 

There’s still plenty of home games scheduled to see the Pounders and Lady Pounders play before the school year ends.

The end of a school year is exciting and relieving for most however it is bittersweet for others, as well. While ending with good grades and a good academic record is essential, it is also important to step outside of your comfort zone and make new memories and try new things with the people around you. Don’t let doubt hold you back from doing different things in high school. Taking risks and seeing what works for you is a part of the journey and the experience. So although this school year is ending, it’s the very first year for some, the last year for others, and an in between state for most. No matter where you fit in there, there are lots of events to look forward to, lots of memories to make, and many opportunities to be at your academic best!