Raiders Are a New Addition to Central’s First For Freedom JROTC Batallion

JROTC RAIDER TEAM — the Raider Team prepares for upcoming competitions in the season

Savannah Smith, Staff Writer

For the first time in two years, Central High School’s First for Freedom JROTC Batallion has a Raiders team. There has not been a team the past few seasons because the JROTC program was spread too thin with the Air Rifle Team, Color Guard, and Drill Team. This year’s Raiders team was assembled in August of this school year so they could begin competing as early as September.

“A Raider Team is a team of Cadets that seek the opportunity to compete against the elite of the elite. These select Cadets are charged with demonstrating exceptional resiliency that is indicative of how mentally, physically, and mentally tough they must be in order to accomplish the various task of a Raider. They are typically the tip of the spear in showcasing the physical readiness of a JROTC program, they must be highly discipline, strive for excellence in execution, and develop a high level of technical and tactical knowledge. The culmination of the aforementioned characteristics is performed over various obstacles that include but not limited to obstacle courses consisting of balance beams, vaults, high and low walls, rope climbs, tire flipping and stacking. All of which require outstanding physical condition, leadership, and will power. ” stated Master Sergeant Michael Dupre.

Central’s JROTC program, which was founded in 1919 and is the oldest in the state, will look to Master Sergeant Michael Dupre to direct the Raiders.

“The Raiders teams can vary in number; however, it is up to the individual coach on the limit of cadets allowed on the team. The minimum amount of cadets required to participate in a competition in Tennessee is eight; in Georgia, they require ten cadets per team. The teams have to be either all male, all female, or a 50/50 split. Currently at Central, we have ten cadets on our Raiders team,” shared Master Sergeant Dupre.

Deputy Raider Commander and junior Nick Johnson has great expectations for this season.

“I’m really excited. I really look forward to competing, and our practices our really improving. I’m just glad to be a part of the team,” commented Johnson.