Central Prepares for New School Year with New Scheduling and Classes

NEW SCHEDULING -- Mrs. Lindsey Ruggles (left) explains the scheduling procedures for next year to upcoming senior Rachel Woodward.

Shelby Campbell

NEW SCHEDULING -- Mrs. Lindsey Ruggles (left) explains the scheduling procedures for next year to upcoming senior Rachel Woodward.

Preston Fore, Staff Writer

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Every year, Central students end the year with optimism that their schedule next year will be even better than the previous year, while also hoping to get in the class with their best friends and with the easiest teachers. Behind the scenes, the guidance counselors at Central High School have to make sure several hundred students can fit into a hand full of classes at 7 different times during the day.

This year, most underclassmen were asked to fill out course request sheet for the 2016-2017 school year, aiding the guidance counselors to sort students into classes they preferred.

“The scheduling process takes months! We meet with students, which takes a varying amount of time. I take way longer than Mrs. Long and Mrs. Atkins because I meet with all the juniors individually. That’s just the nature of scheduling for seniors– each student has different needs for graduation,” explained senior guidance counselor Lindsey Ruggles.

Central High School will offer several new classes for the 2016-2017 school year. These classes include: Nutrition Science and Diet Therapy, Foundations of Fashion Design, Principles of Manufacturing, Digital Electronics, and a SAILS English class for seniors.

“The new nutrition science and diet therapy class will be a perfect resource for students trying to get into personal training,” exclaimed junior, Dalton Calimer.

For students who have qualified for summer school, they will be able to fulfill their classes over the summer via Internet software.

“Summer school will be facilitated through Edgenuity this summer, on-campus at Central. Students who qualify will be able to recover credits in any class that is available of the Edgenuity software,” shared Ruggles.

Students can now view their requested classes via PowerSchool, however the classes and their order will change with their final schedule. Once schedules are finalized, Central will have a schedule pick-up day over the summer within a few days of school starting.

The Central Digest hopes students get placed into classes they will enjoy next year, and hopes that the 2016-2017 will be a great school year!

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