Central Celebrates the 2016 Graduating Class at 109th Graduation

Shelby Campbell, Staff Writer

Central High School said their final goodbyes to the Class of 2016 on Saturday, May 21, at the McKenzie Arena for the 109th graduation ceremony as the graduating seniors walked across the stage to receive the diploma they have worked so hard for these last four years.

A total of 172 Central students sat before the stage, along with Central’s own faculty and staff who have supported them. Timetrice Ducket, the president of the 2016 class, welcomed everyone to the program and congratulated the Class of 2016. Shortly after, four stories were told by the Class of 2016’s best and brightest students, Jacob Denton, the faculty representative, Tyler Colston, the class representative, Emma Beach, the Salutatorian, and Jadyn Snakenberg, the Valedictorian.

The stories told of the hard times and good times that the students have shared among each other, of the challenges they will soon inevitably face as they go off into the world alone for the very first time, and of the memories they must hold dear to their hearts of the four years they shared in the halls of Central High School.

“Your story may not be full of heroic acts and daring adventures, slaying dragons and saving princesses, like you dreamed when you were young, but that does not make your tale any less meaningful, ” reminded Jadyn Snakenberg in her Go and Tell speech as she encouraged the graduates to remember that, though they may not be heroes in a fairy tale, their story is just as meaningful as anyone else’s. She also reminded the students to remember that they are the heroes of their own story, but they are also the sidekicks in the stories of their friends and perhaps in stories they did not realize they were apart of.

After the speeches were given, Mr. Finley King, Central High School’s principal, and Dr. Kirk Kelly, Interim Superintendent of Hamilton County, presented the 38 four-year honor students before presenting the entire class of 2016, with the help of the class marshals, Joseph Clark, Samir Ghazi, Thomas Crownover, Matthew Gines, Peyton Eddie, Brooke Matthews, Ayanna Esdaile, and Erica Willie.

“I honestly just can’t believe these four years are over. It seems like I was just walking the halls as a freshmen, and now I’m graduated,” shared Peyton Eddy, a graduate from the Class of 2016.

After a long list of names, the crowd who came to support these accomplished students wiped their tears and the Class of 2016 threw up their caps as they celebrated a closing of a chapter and the opening of a new one.