Online School Fee Payments Now Available for Central Parents

OSP IS THE NEW WAY TO  PAY FEES -- Students now have the option to pay their school fees online.

OSP IS THE NEW WAY TO PAY FEES -- Students now have the option to pay their school fees online.

Meghan Duncan, Staff Writer

With fees such as, lab fees, senior fees, and even math fees, school officials have found a solution to help send in money without all of the stress.

“Online school fee payments are a way to help parents out,” stated one school official.

The OSP, short for Online School Payments, is a way to keep parents updated on all of their child’s fees. Not only does it keep records of every payment being made, but it also is a way to tell if your child is eligible for certain things, such as field trips or after-school activities.

Sending your child to school with checks and money is difficult, most of the time ending up misplaced. All parents have to do is go online and log on to the OSP website, and it then shows you every single class or sport that is available and the fee for that activity. Both, credit and debit cards are excepted and you can use any web browser from any location, 24 hours a day. Parents can add money to the account at anytime for any small fees that their child has.

School officials then compared the OSP’s site to a well known website, Amazon. You can click on the classes or activities you have fees for and you add them to your cart and check out. The system then sends out a receipt through email to the purchaser. The website will send notifications to the teachers and as well as the parents that a payment has been made.

It is a good way to save parents a trip to the school, when you can easily take care of payments in your home. It not only helps families, but it also helps out the bookkeepers as well as administrators. This system allows them to easily set up school activities and events. Cash and a lot of workload in schools have been minimized due to the it. So are you needing a load off from traveling to the school? The OSP is here to make everything easier!