Review: The Nina and Pinta Make Their Way to Chattanooga

SET SAIL TODAY! — Climb aboard the Nina and Pinta and take a look at history.

Savannah Smith, Editor-in-Chief

Ahoy! Ahoy! The Niña and The Pinta have docked their ships in Chattanooga this year! The Columbus Foundation along with the exact replicas of The Niña and The Pinta, built in 2005, are sailing their way up the Tennessee River into Chattanooga to educate young children about the historic voyage Christopher Columbus took in 1492 that led to the discovery of America.

“This is a great opportunity for not just students, but also to the general public to learn about a major point in history,” said Mr. Cleveland Seals, Central’s U.S. History Teacher.

On a self-guided 30 minute tour, people both young and old came to take a look at the structures and trenches of the two separate ships to allow tourists to sail in the eyes of Columbus.

Joshua Sizemore, was one of the first Central students to climb on board The Niña and Pinta and take a look at the fascinating ships.

“I was actually really surprised. I am far from being a true historian, but I particularly liked the back story on how this is really what it was like for Columbus back then.” stated Sizemore.

Although many people might not know much about these ships, the helpful volunteers and crew on both ships helped answer different questions and were very helpful on the voyage and put visitors in the same boots Christopher Columbus was in.

“I think my favorite part was everything on both of the ships had different sides notes and signs to help me see what certain ropes were used for or a particular barrel was used for. It was very educational.” said Sizemore.

The Niña and The Pinta sailed to the Chattanooga area on Nov. 10th and will be in town until Nov. 26th.  They will be open to the public from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. everyday at the Ross’s Landing Pier. Admissions is $8 for adults, $7 for senior citizens, and $6 for kids 5-16 years.

Sizemore agrees that the ships true beauty and joy is discovered while on the tour and highly recommends taking this voyage. So indulge in the history and take a tour of the ships today!