Central’s Push For A New Track Could Finally Pay Off

CENTRAL’S TRACK IS IN TERRIBLE CONDITION — Students hope for funding from Hamilton County Commission.

Jared Eddy, Columnist

Last Wednesday, January 4th, the Hamilton County Commission voted against Central High School getting a new track. The commission denied the grant for lack of documentation and information on why the school needs $500,000 for a new track.

The vote was 5-4, so there be another chance to vote on a new track.

“We really need to get it fixed,” said Mike Bell, a community member who lives in Harrison. “There are a lot of safety hazards and people could trip and fall it has gotten so bad. I just hope we don’t wait until someone gets hurt to do something.”

The Hamilton County Commission will meet this Wednesday, January 11th at 9:30 AM. At the meeting, the case for the track will be presented again.

Central’s principal, Finley King,┬áis urging students, parents, and community members to come out to support Central and have their voice heard. The District 9 Commissioner, Chester Bankston, who represents Central High School, also agrees.

“The whole audience needs to be purple,” said Commissioner Bankston. “The more the better.”

Central alumni are also showing their support. James Walker, who is the vice president of the Central High Alumni Association was at the county commission meeting last Wednesday and had some information for people wanting to come and support.

“The main thing is to keep a positive attitude when we are talking to the county commission,” said Walker. “We don’t need to bring up any other schools or say it is not fair. All we need to do is talk about why Central needs a new track and the benefits that will come with it”.

The meeting will be this Wednesday, January 11th at the Hamilton County Courthouse. It will be held in room 402 and the Central Digest urges anyone who can make it to come and support Central.