Class Representative, Monet Henderson, Opens Up About Speaking For Her Class

Kaylee York, Staff Writer

It is an honor to be chosen to represent your school in any way, one of the highest honors being to be chosen to speak at your class’ graduation. With the final quarter getting ready to begin, the speakers for the senior class of 2018 have officially been chosen.

Senior Monet Henderson has been chosen to be the Class Representative for the Class of 2019. She recognizes the importance and honor that comes with this position, and feels that she is very lucky and to have been chosen.

“I am truly honored that my class nominated me to be a representative of my senior class, and being a part of our graduation ceremony is a dream come true,” expressed Monet.

She added that she was very proud of her accomplishments thus far, and that she worked very hard to get where she is today. Henderson believes that all the hard work she has done here at Central was worthwhile.

Not only was she chosen to be the class Representative, she was also Class President freshman through junior year, she has participated in JROTC all four years of high school, she was a member of On Point, Beta Club, National Honors Society, Superintendent’s Advisory Council, and is currently Secretary of Student Council. Along with representing her call, she has also been nominated for the Ms. Central court because of her long list of accomplishments.

Aside from being part of the class, she believes that the class of 2018 is the best class here at Central.

“We have some of the brightest students in our class! The class of 2018 has a very promising future ahead of us,” noted Henderson.

With her resume so far and even more left to do, it looks like Monet has a very bright and amazing future to look forward to.