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Administration Announces This School Year’s Graduation Date

ADMINISTRATION ANNOUNCES NEW GRADUATION DATE -- Senior enthusiastically points out the countdown to graduation.

Dylan Muccino

ADMINISTRATION ANNOUNCES NEW GRADUATION DATE -- Senior enthusiastically points out the countdown to graduation.

Dylan Muccino, Staff Writer

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For years, Central High School has traditionally held its graduation on a Saturday. This year, however, the date is officially set to Tuesday, May 14 at 6pm. This has been a topic frequently discussed at Central among the upcoming graduates. There are mixed feelings about the set date, but many seniors are ready to graduate, no matter the day.

“I like that it is earlier in the year, but I feel like since it is on a weekday, it would be harder for families to come out and see us,” admitted Senior Deanna Wnuk.

“I feel like it would be better on the weekend because more people would be available then,” added Senior Braulio Garcia.

“I believe that they moved graduation to Tuesday, because it is a weekday and was possibly cheaper,” explained Brielle Farrow, Central’s curriculum coach.

While this new graduation date may help the school save money, the seniors are not very pleased. It takes place on a weekday and many graduating students have family members who tend to be busy, even if they can make an exception for this one day. This date even affects underclassmen who have graduating siblings.

“My older brother is a senior and it is frustrating to have it on a Tuesday because underclassmen will still be going to school the next day; some of us have to take off of work to be able to attend,” explained Junior Milly Garner.

Even though the ceremony is late in the evening, there will still be conflicts regarding getting there during a weekday.

“My older sister and a lot of my friends are seniors and I want to see them graduate; it’s important,” recalled Emilia Pastusic.

Some seniors will have an AP Biology test on the day before graduation. There could also be another interference, but as long as they are able to walk across the stage, most seniors do not mind the date.

“I do not mind it being on a Tuesday, as long as I get my diploma. However, I do hope it does not interfere with my classes,” concluded Zeena Whayeb.

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Administration Announces This School Year’s Graduation Date