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Excessive Tardies Sweep Central High Halls

EXCESSIVE TARDIES SWEEP CENTRAL HIGH HALLS -- Assistant Principal Cochran is giving a student detention after being caught in the halls after the late bell rang.

Bailey Brantingham

EXCESSIVE TARDIES SWEEP CENTRAL HIGH HALLS -- Assistant Principal Cochran is giving a student detention after being caught in the halls after the late bell rang.

Airicka Richardson, Staff Writer

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Many students at Central High have been late to their classes this year which has caused a problem between administrators and especially teachers. As a result, Principal Finley King has advocated tardy sweeps to make sure everyone is on time to class. Since the sweeps were established, tardies have gone from 25 students to five students, on average, who are late to class.

If a student is caught in the halls after the bell rings, they are given detention from 2:30 to 3:30 after school.  Mr. King said that if less people are caught being late, he is willing to end the hallway monitoring. Administration has taken charge of giving out detentions, including the principal and assistant principals, who are on the lookout for inadmissible students roaming the halls. The sweeps take place at random twice a day.

“The students should manage their time better,” Principal King advised.

The issue of being late to class not only affects the students, but also the teachers. Teachers believe it is distracting when kids come into class late while they are in the middle of teaching. A number of teachers have discussed the problem with Principal King, and many have realized that the tardies have become excessive.

“It [tardy sweeps] could be good, but bad at the same time. Some students could be tardy to class for many reasons, and for them to be caught during the sweeps and given detention doesn’t really seem fair,” Freshman Landon Cook explained.

Whether or not one has a good or bad reason for being tardy, tardy sweeps are still taking place; administrators advise that students arrive to class on time before the bell rings. This will not only help the teachers stay focused, but also benefit various students in the class who also see this as a distraction.

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Excessive Tardies Sweep Central High Halls