Central Sees 0.1 Point Drop in ACT Score Averages From 2018

Airicka Richardson and DayOnna Carson

One of the most important aspects of one’s high school career is the ACT. This exam is essential to college applications, seeing as each university requires applicants to have reached a specific score before they can be considered for acceptance. According to the current and past ACT score records, Central’s average has decreased by 0.1 point.

In 2017, Central’s average was 18.9 out of a possible 36. In 2018, the school’s average score was 18.8. Other schools, such as East Hamilton High School, Hixson High School, and Ooltewah High school, have been compared to Central. In 2017, East Hamilton’s ACT average was 22.3, and in 2018, their scores remained the same, seeing no change. However, Hixson High School was another school that experienced a .1 point decrease in their ACT score average. In 2017, their average was 19.4, but later, in 2018, their average lowered to 19.3. Unfortunately, Ooltewah High School experienced one of the largest point declines in this list. In 2017, their average was 20.4, but last year, their average score dropped to 20.0, losing 0.4 points.

“I didn’t really know about the drop in our average,” Senior Maggie Watts conceded, “The test did feel a lot harder though, so it’s not that hard to believe,” she continued.

“We feel like we weren’t prepared enough,” Senior Quanesha Adair admitted.

Despite these reduced entrance exam scores, public schools across Tennessee have seen an improvement in the number of graduates from 2017 to 2018.

For the graduating class of 2019, the average ACT score in each subject area for public schools were 19.7 in English, 19.5 in math, 20.7 in reading, and 20.3 in science. Math, English, and reading each saw an improvement in their scores while the science score remained the same as it was in 2017.

“You have got to start [preparing for the ACT] early. It has to start during freshman year. Being familiar with ACT vocabulary is key. You also have to learn to read and skim quickly. Many students run out of time. Waiting until junior or senior year [to get ready for the exam] is too late,” advanced placement government teacher Danielle Hooper advised.

The junior class will be taking their first official ACT in the coming months, so teachers hope that students are taking proper action to ensure that they have studied in order to optimize their scores and hopefully bring up Central’s average.