Central Band Earns Superior Rating from Walker Valley High School Judges.

Every year, Central and around 30 other bands and orchestras from nearby schools go to Walker Valley High School in Cleveland. They all take a Concert Performance Assessment, which is essentially a standardized test for the band. Central’s band received the, “Superior” rating, which is the highest score that any band can get. While it is not a competition, it is certainly a major honor for any school to score that high.

Mr. Joshua Bloodworth, Central’s band director discussed what led to their success.

“The Central Band’s success comes from highly talented and motivated students.  The level at which many of these students can play is incredible, and they continue to work hard day after day, week after week,” said Bloodworth.

Megan Wooten, one of the band’s Alto Saxophone players, spoke about the band’s positive environment.

“The people in the band are absolutely amazing and like a second family to me. The environment in the band room is like no other environment in the school, which is a good thing. Walking through the band room door, you feel as though nothing else matters but the music that lives in that room,” explained Wooten.

She went on to talk about pressure and the importance of teamwork.

“My favorite part about being in band is that it’s a constant challenge. Every second you’re in there, you’re working to be a better player and a better person. I also love just how much teamwork goes into it, like every single part is important. This is the only class where I feel like everyone in a group or team is equal. There’s not one part or person that has more pull weight than the other.”

“Mr. Bloodworth pushes us really hard. I mean, he pushes us until we feel like we’re going to break. He always tells us that if he’s not griping, he doesn’t care. And he’s always griping, so that means he cares a lot,” she concluded.