Chattanooga Times Free Press Reporter Wyatt Massey Helping 2019 Digest Staff


Danae Wnuk

CHATTANOOGA TIMES FREE PRESS REPORTER WYATT MASSEY HELPING 2019 DIGEST STAFF — Religion Reporter Wyatt Massey is speaking with the Digest staff about ways they can improve their reporting.

Ashley Coleman and Cassandra Castillo

The Central Digest has received various distinctions for its excellence in reporting; countless hours have gone into making the Central Digest one of the best journalism sites in the state. However, there is always room for improvement. For this reason, Religion Reporter Wyatt Massey from the Chattanooga Times Free Press has decided to come in to guide the students and further improve their skills in writing, reporting, and photography.

Upon the first day of Massey’s arrival, the aspiring student  journalists were able to ask questions and discuss how things could improve regarding their writing, videos, and other forms of media.  He gave a multitude of pointers, but, of course, he is only getting started. His main goal is to be a resourceful outlet for students who want to become better writers.

Every Tuesday and Thursday, Massey works closely with the journalism class to improve their understanding of any subjects that they have concerns about.

Massey chose to aid the Central Digest because Central is one of the few schools that has a student news website. He believes the best part about journalism is that he is constantly learning and understanding new things.

“[Journalism] allows you to be curious and ask questions,” Massey stated.

Massey was born in Hollandale, Wisconsin and was raised on a family farm. He attended Marquette University where he majored in English and advertising. Massey has ventured the Atlantic Ocean and also has visited several countries such as Haiti and India. He relocated to Chattanooga in June of this year, starting his work at The Chattanooga Times Free Press where he reports on religion and faith.

Initially, he did not intend on pursuing a career in the journalism field. Massey went to college for advertising, but he ultimately switched his focus to journalism his junior year of college. Since then, he has been forever fascinated with the concept.

Massey also participates in Report For America, in which  journalists join small groups to focus on covering local news. This is another reason why Massey is so invested into journalism; through journalism, he is able to express what people are connected to, especially in the local area.

Massey also partook in freelancing and wrote for several news sites like CNN back in 2015.

“I feel like he is a very informed and helpful advisor. He’ll really help us improve our reporting capabilities and will help us make the Digest an even more reliable news source,” commented Editor-in-Chief DayOnna Carson.

“I think it’s important that our student journalists are able to get advice from a professional journalist. We’re thankful he wants to come in and help them out,” added Digest Advisor Greg Cantrell.

It is evident that Massey is very experienced with the art of storytelling, including writing and photography. Central is very fortunate to have a professional reporter assist the Central Digest staff with the start of their reporting careers.