Central Voices ‘Share Their Christmas’ With a Food Drive and Musical Performances


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NEW GUIDELINES ARISE FOR EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES AT THE START OF SECOND SEMESTER — The Central Voices performed at Channel 3’s Share Your Christmas event in 2019.

Sarah Katheron Latham, Staff Writer

As the holiday season comes around, teachers and students are finding ways to make the season a little brighter for those at Central and those in the community. The Central Voices started their Christmas season off with a food drive benefiting the Chattanooga Area Food Bank and the people they serve.  It was a part of the 35th annual food drive called “Share Your Christmas” (SYC), sponsored by WRCB (News Channel 3).

The Central Voices had a full day December 6, which began with two holiday performances at Harrison Elementary School and a third at the food bank. At Harrison, the choir performed a holiday set of music including classics such as “Carol of the Bells” and popular songs such as “All I Want For Christmas is You.” After they sang in the auditorium for the last year at that location (the current Harrison and Hillcrest Elementary schools will be merging next school year to a newly built Harrison elementary school), students got to visit their former teachers.

“That’s one of my favorite part of visiting elementary schools,” stated Hailey Alton, a sophomore in the Central Voices.

Next, the Concert Choir visited the food bank where they performed two songs and offered their assistance to the volunteers who were there. 439 items were donated as a result of the choir sponsored food drive held at Central.

According to WRCB, “This year’s SYC event brought in $85,937 in monetary donations, 69,970 pounds of food donations, and 401, 556 meals.”

The food and money donated will go to benefit families in the Chattanooga area, which includes parts of Tennessee and Georgia.

“Singing is important; it can make people feel joy. And at the food bank, [sharing our Christmas] is important because even a little bit can help a family,” continued Alton.

The field trip taught students to express joy in their Christmas season.

“I believe music is a gift we should share with the community.  I want students to know music not just about themselves; it’s about coming together as a community,” expressed Katheron Latham, director of the Central Voices.

The choir will continue to share their Christmas through music at the Christmas at the Courthouse event on December 13 and their Christmas concert Monday, December 16.  The Central Voices concert will feature the beginning choirs (the Central Singers) and the advanced choir (the Concert Choir.)

“I think it’s important to share your Christmas because there are those who may not have a family or may be going through tough times, so singing helps inspire people to be joyful and happy,” concluded DeWayne Middleton, sophomore at Central.