Student Fees and Ticket Purchases are in the Process of Being Refunded


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STUDENT FEES AND TICKET PURCHASES ARE IN THE PROCESS OF BEING REFUNDED — The bookkeeping office at Central is hard at work organizing refund checks for students and parents.

DayOnna Carson, Editor in Chief

Almost everyone is aware of the multitude of event cancellations worldwide that resulted from of the spread of Coronavirus. This has caused many students and parents to wonder how they can receive refunds for all the school trips that will no longer be happening, as well as spring sports fees.

“Refunds should be expected in mid to late May,” Central Bookkeeper Donna Rast wrote in an email. “If your sports fee purchased a ‘spirit pack’ or non-returnable items before school closed, your fee will be minus the cost of those items. However, those items will be given to you by your coach if they have not already done so.”

HCDE’s finance department is working closely with the school’s own bookkeeping department to organize and prepare refund checks for students and their families. They want those concerned to keep in mind that many vendors have temporarily closed their production facilities, which complicated the ability to distribute non-returnable items.

“This is a lengthy process that involves more than just our school office. We are working daily on these refunds and you will get them,” Rast stated.

Senior fees will be refunded as well, however, $20 will be subtracted from the original total to cover the cost of the Senior Success Day and Senior Picnic field trips that were held earlier in the school year.

Prom tickets and field trip expenses will be paid back in full.

As the returns are finalized, administrators will announce refund pick-up procedures. Students are encouraged to contact school counselors for further questions about refunds, as they are kept up-to-date on the current status of refunds.

“We appreciate your patience during this unprecedented time,” Rast concluded.