Catlett, Brantingham, Schwarzl, and Latham Will Serve as 2020-2021 Central Digest Editors


Gregory Cantrell

CATLETT, BRANTINGHAM, SCHWARZL, AND LATHAM WILL SERVE AS 2020-2021 CENTRAL DIGEST EDITORS — Pictured is the Central Digest staff from this school year.

Sarah Katheron Latham, Staff Writer

The class of 2020 is graduating, and they are leaving big shoes to fill. This year the Central Digest’s editor positions will be filled by Juniors Blake Catlett and Bailey Brantingham, Sophomore Karleigh Schwarzl, and Freshman Sarah Katheron Latham. These students will lead the 2020-2021 Central Digest staff as they work to make it the best that it can be.

“Blake and Bailey have both been staff members for three years and have proven themselves to be the editors who will guide us through the upcoming school year. The Digest has such a strong tradition of exceptional students who have worked hard for our website and for our school and these two individuals will be the editors to make sure we continue onward, even if we have no idea what the school year might be like. I have seen both of these students grow and mature with their responsibilities to the Digest and I look forward to seeing them make the Digest a success,” stated Greg Cantrell, the adviser for the Central Digest.

As Editor-in-Chief, Catlett will lead the staff, give story assignments, handle the logistics of the paper (fundraisers, competitions, etc), and edit stories before they are published. Catlett has been a part of the Central Digest since his freshman year, and he currently serves as the Assistant Editor.

“Being the Editor-in-Chief is something I have dreamed of since my freshman year. I am honored to be able to lead this staff, and I am excited to see where we will go…I am also looking forward to working with a bunch of new faces. Half of our staff this year were seniors, so the staff is going to look very different next year,” expressed Catlett.

Brantingham will serve as the Copy Editor.  As Copy Editor, she will help the Editor-in-Chief, and she will edit stories before they are published. Brantingham has also been a part of the Digest since her freshman year, and she currently serves as the Head Staff Writer.

“I have been thinking about next year a lot lately and the most important thing to me is being a good and effective leader. I hope that together Blake and I can lead journalism on the same great or even better path that our predecessors did,” explained Brantingham.

Schwarzl will return to her role as the Central Digest’s sports editor.  She will continue to lead and organize all of the Digest’s sports reporting.

“I’m so excited to put out more graphics, pictures, and stories for everyone to look toward,” declared Shwarzl.

Latham will enter her second year in the Digest as the Assistant Editor.  As Assistant Editor, she will learn to edit articles and lead the staff.

“I have learned a lot my first year in the Central Digest, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I am very excited to help make the Digest the best that it can be,” expressed Latham.

Current Editor-in-Chief DayOnna Carson expressed her excitement for the upcoming leaders.

“I’m really sad we are ending the year on such a horrible note of not being able to see each other unknowingly…I can’t wait to see how [future editors] decide to put [their] own spin on the Digest and make it better than it already is,” stated Carson.