New Year, New Yearbook

NEW YEAR, NEW YEARBOOK -- The yearbook staff is working hard despite COVID-19 to make the best memory book yet.

Zoey Greene

NEW YEAR, NEW YEARBOOK — The yearbook staff is working hard despite COVID-19 to make the best memory book yet.

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer

This year the yearbook committee has decided to use a new production forum called TreeRing. Not only is this website cheaper, but it only has one initial cost instead of multiple background costs.

“With TreeRing, the cost is right at $50.00 with tax and shipping. They can even ship to the homes of students over the summer. Plus, TreeRing seems a lot faster and more efficient than Balfour,” noted Shawn Seals, the yearbook staff advisor.

One perk about this year’s yearbook is the fact that there are discounts for people who buy early. If the purchase is made in September, a 10% discount will be received. When purchased in October, purchases will still receive a 5% discount. Even with no discounts, the yearbooks are going to cost no more than $50.00. This is a huge difference compared to the cost of last year’s, which exceeded $70.00.

While the promotion for this coming yearbook is more pushed, last year’s edition is still available.

“I have a lot of extra books from last year. They can email me or just stop by my room and order one. We have to sell them at last year’s price, so it should cost around $81.93 with tax,” confirmed Seals.

This year’s format of the yearbook will also be enacted in a different way.

“We talked about doing more of a flow. We usually do it in months, but since [COVID-19] that changed. We will do something kind of like months but it’s honestly more of whatever we can get at this point,” informed Senior Morgan Watts, a two time server on the staff.

There is no doubt that this team faces many trials as they embark this journey during the COVID months.

“To take a yearbook picture we may have to use a zoom call picture. With social distancing and guidelines that is probably what will happen,” stated Seals.

Even Watts addressed that “it is definitely different. The pictures we take are definitely going to look different. We can’t really walk out of class and just go snap a shot somewhere anymore. Because of the distancing in the classrooms and everyone wearing their masks, it’s going to be a lot harder. I think that is the main difference.”

While there has not been a theme chosen, or a specific editor, the group is persevering to the finish line. Pages will be assigned soon and a more solid structure will be set into motion. There is a lot less tension this year to get a specific amount sold and paid for due to the company switch. With TreeRing, there is no contract, everything falls as it is.

Not only has switching companies eased up some stress, but it has also helped save the environment. With every book that is bought, a tree is planted. A yearbook has become more then a memory, it has become an environmental duty. Be a good steward and plant a tree using the code “1015984690452465” on the TreeRing website when your order your Central yearbook.