November Shines a Light on Alzheimer’s Disease

ALZHEIMERS AWARENESS MONTH -- The month of November shines a light on dementia. This is symbolized by a purple ribbon.

via Rolling Hills Library

ALZHEIMER’S AWARENESS MONTH — The month of November shines a light on dementia. This is symbolized by a purple ribbon.

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer

November is the awareness month for Alzheimer’s Disease. This illness is a form of dementia that is most commonly found in the elderly. Not only does this sickness affect the host, but it affects the family as well.

Senior Carmen Crabtree reflected on what it is like when a family member is diagnosed with dementia.

“The hardest part about watching a loved one struggle is seeing how much they have changed and seeing their physical and mental stability decreasing every day, changing the person that you remember them to be. It’s hard to watch someone you love barely recognize you and get things confused so easily,” said Crabtree.

Alzheimer’s disease is pretty common and is a devastating event. Currently, it is not preventable and has no cure. Most of those affected by it end up getting sent to a nursing facility due to the worry of family members. Losing the ability to remember things is very dangerous.

Peggy Moyer has a mother-in-law who suffers from a form of Alzheimer’s.

“You just feel really helpless. She is just 89 years old. If she were to fall, there would be no one there to help her. She is in a very bad situation, but she doesn’t want a change. If she gets into hospitality, she won’t be released. It is just a very helpless situation. We are mad, frustrated, and trying to let it go,” said Moyer.

Both Crabtree and Moyer talk about how the situation itself is very scary because there is nothing you can do for them. Dementia is a very real thing, a very harmful thing. The Alzheimer’s Association promotes various types of fundraising for the families impacted by this illness. While there is nothing that can prevent or cure the disease, we can help by getting the word out.

Donations, prayers, thoughts, cards, and any other form of consideration is greatly appreciated during the month of November. This battle will be overcome in time.