Chris Kribs Named Central’s Teacher of the Month for November


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CHRIS KRIBS IS NAMED TEACHER OF THE MONTH — History teacher Chris Kribs pictured with his family.

Grayson Catlett, Columnist

With another month comes another teacher of the month winner, and who would be more inclined to win than one of the most beloved history teachers at Central? For the month of November, Central students and staff have chosen world history and geography teacher Chris Kribs as the teacher of the month.

An Oregon native who has taught for nearly twenty years now, Kribs has become one of the most popular teachers at the school, whether it be by his fun-loving personality, his efficient balance of recreation and information, or his rock music that echoes through C-Pod during nearly every class break.

“I think Mr. Kribs deserved the honor of being teacher of the month because he is an outstanding teacher,” said fellow history teacher Joseph Parrott. “I would be lost without him because he has been a fantastic mentor to me since I am fairly new to the teaching profession.”

Upon hearing about his selection, Kribs accepted the title with pride.

“This award is special because it is voted on by the students and that is special to be recognized by them,” he stated.

Kribs, like many other teachers, has been trying to accommodate to the unprecedented times that are facing the 2020-21 school year.

“This year, teachers walked into a situation where how we did our job completely changed,” he shared. “I am a teacher who works well with lots of student engagement and it is hard to get that classroom dynamic over Zoom.”

However, he explained that he is trying his best to overcome the difficulties of this school year.

“I have worked hard to trying lots of different things to keep the class engaged and I have learned a lot about working through tech issues,” he wrote.

Parrot also shared some of his thoughts on Kribs’s determination during the pandemic, and it can be said that being nominated teacher of the month is a testament to such determination.

“Before the pandemic, Mr. Kribs was already sharpening his skills as a virtual educator, so he was well ahead of the curve,” Parrott stated.

Kribs is beyond grateful for the recognition.

“I would first and foremost want to thank the student body of Central High. This award would not be possible without them,” he expressed.

Despite the uncertain times that we are still steeped in, the students found a silver lining in giving November’s teacher of the month award to one of Central’s biggest rock stars.