Central Staff and Students Disappointed After Multiple Cancelled Events This School Year


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CENTRAL STAFF AND STUDENTS DISAPPOINTED AFTER MANY CANCELLED EVENTS THIS SCHOOL YEAR– Many school events, including the choir’s annual holiday concert pictured above, have been cancelled or postponed.

Bailey Brantingham, Editor

Over the course of this year, many of Central’s events and activities have been cancelled due to COVID-19 safety precautions and guidelines. These cancelled events, whether annual or new, have become missed opportunities for Central and its students.

Last semester, many events were postponed and cancelled. These events included the senior picnic and the choir and band’s holiday concert, both annual events that many students looked forward to. Multiple students and parents were disappointed in the cancellation of important events, but the decision was made for the safety of the county and its residents.

“I’m very sad that I couldn’t see all my friends’ faces this year. I waited about 13 years of my life to not get to participate in the senior activities I was really excited for. My whole senior year just went down the drain,” expressed Senior Kayana Craig.

The events scheduled for the final semester of this school year are mostly still under consideration for cancellation. Events like graduation and important end-of-year dates have yet to be decided on how to proceed under social distancing guidelines.

“School events for 2nd semester are still [to be decided.] There are no official cancellations in place,” shared senior counselor Shea Vetterick.

On the other hand, some activities like sports practices and games have been allowed to continue under state guidelines. Even with Hamilton County’s recent setback into Phase 1, many schools have begun to allow sports to resume. At Central, this includes wrestling and basketball.

“At this point sports were able to continue with guidelines and restrictions. Other events were cancelled or postponed, that included most events,” shared Principal Phil Iannarone.

As of now, Hamilton County is in Phase 1, meaning that all schools are completely remote due to the high level of newly reported COVID-19 cases. This setback into online schooling has further pushed Central into the void of uncertainty. However, the Central High School staff has ensured that they are taking as many precautions as possible to be able to proceed with important student and sports events while also maintaining a safe environment for those in attendance. More updates on the state of end of year school events will be available as the year progresses.