Changing Times Call for a New Safety Team


Grayson Catlett

CHANGING TIMES CALL FOR A NEW SAFETY TEAM — SRO Marcus Dotson is working on keeping everyone safe while keeping his distance.

Zoey Greene, Staff Writer

As the school year brings more and more uncertainty, the staff at Central is striving to make everybody feel safe. Officer Marcus Dotson has put a plan into action to provide continuous protection over the student body.

“The safety team is a group of selected lead teachers, school administrators, and myself who meet once a month and look over our safety plans (weather, intruder, fire) and plan our drills. This team also comes up with plans for after-school events such as sporting events, proms, and dances,” shared Officer Dotson.

With the pandemic raging on, there is no doubt that everyone is a little on edge. Marcus Dotson plans to put all the feelings of unease at rest. While it has been very hard for the group to meet due to restrictions, they plan to continue to put the student body first.

Freshman history teacher Christopher Kribs believes that in these trying times, the children come first.

“The safety of the student body is the reason why we have been closed for a year now. For a year now we have been navigating the waters of hybrid and virtual learning.  The current death toll of this virus is over 400,000 lives. We will have to continue to make the difficult choices [un]til this virus is under control,” reported Kribs.

Uncertainty and confusion are in the minds of everyone who is a part of Central High School. Even though students may not be welcomed back to the campus this year, or even though prom may not happen, Officer Dotson is preparing for the worst.

“My goal is to better equip our teachers with safety material. Having a safety team gives our school more resources. This team is very positive for our school. We are in the initial stages of designing the team. The team will continue once we return back to school,” explained Dotson.

It is clear that Central has a faculty that cares deeply about everyone. This new safety team has been enlisted with the hope that students and teachers will be together once more. While it seems tedious now, it is important that all students get on the same page about safety precautions. Whether it is a pandemic related cancellation, or weather forecasting distresses, Officer Marcus Dotson is taking Central into his hands to allow everyone to be fully informed and at ease.