Science Teacher Nathan Dawson is February’s Teacher of the Month


Adrian Copeland

FEBRUARY’S TEACHER OF THE MONTH — Sophomore Amber Burchfield and Junior Luke Keown six feet apart (measured) from February’s Teacher of the Month, Nathan Dawson.

Bailey Brantingham, Editor

As the school year comes to a close, the faculty at Central have been trying to produce as much enjoyment and school spirit for the students as possible. To add some much needed enthusiasm to the second semester, Central has voted on another teacher of the month. For the month of February, the winner is Science Teacher Nathan Dawson.

Dawson has been teaching at Central for three years, and his classes include Environmental Science, Physics, and Physical World Concepts. Dawson also advises Central’s debate group.

“I get bragging rights over the rest of the teachers in the school for the month. I also have the envy of all teachers throughout the world as they, too, want to be teacher of the month,” explained Dawson.

The teacher of the month is selected by the students after a school-wide vote, and the winner is announced by Principal Phil Iannarone during morning announcements. The only qualification to be nominated for the position is to be a teacher at Central.

“Mr. Dawson can be your therapist, best friend, and personal chef all in one. He teaches life lessons and adjusts his teaching style based on each student,” shared Sophomore Cameron Jackson, who has taken Dawson’s Physical World Concepts class and is apart of Dawson’s debate group.

Most students who have had the pleasure of being taught under Dawson have agreed that he is one of the best teachers to walk the halls of Central, and that he is the more than deserving of the Teacher of the Month award.

“I feel like he deserved teacher of the month 110%, and he definitely deserves to win it a couple more times,” said Jackson.

As the pandemic continues to warp and disrupt the lives of teachers and students, one thing that most can agree on is that times like these require the extra step. Whether that be just doing a kind act for another or the school showing appreciation for its teachers.

“Honestly, I think teachers have had a tough time during this pandemic. I think a little praise goes a long way. We don’t have to get gift cards or prizes…just maybe a note of appreciation,” concluded Dawson.