Senior Baby Photo Tradition Returns to Yearbook


Preservation of Chattanooga Central History

CLASS OF 2021 BABY PICTURES — The 2002 Champion contained a section for all of the seniors’ baby pictures.

Mackenzie Farner, Staff Writer

This year, senior baby photos are being included in the yearbook to celebrate Central’s seniors. The pictures are being collected throughout the month of March and can be submitted using students’ TreeRing Account. The photos should be uploaded by Wednesday, March 31.

“We are planning on the baby pictures being in the same location as they were in last year’s yearbook; however, if we do not get a lot of submitted pictures we may have to place them elsewhere in the book,” explained Shawn Seals, advisor of the Champion yearbook staff.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the regular senior events have been cancelled or postponed. In light of this, the yearbook staff thought adding some of the seniors’ baby photo’s would be a fun way to celebrate the students reaching the end of their time at Central.

“We thought it would be something fun and personal to include in the yearbook. We ask that seniors just send in one baby photo of themselves, and they can be uploaded through the website TreeRing,” shared Senior Carmen Crabtree, a member of the Champion staff.

Baby photos have been a popular way to celebrate seniors in the past as well. The first time senior baby photos were included in Central’s year book was 1997. The tradition has continued on throughout the years as a way to celebrate the seniors and they’re usually included in the yearbook with senior events or memories. For a couple of years, baby pictures weren’t included in the yearbook, but last year a few were included with the student dedications.

There were links previously sent out by counselors that provide instructions on how to upload student baby pictures to be sent in to the yearbook. Student accounts may not look like the accounts featured in the provided instructions, but they should be similar. According to the information sent out about how to submit the photos, all students should have a Treering account or the ability to create one.

The Central yearbook staff hopes to cheer up the rest of the gloomy school year with the fun baby photo tradition. Senior baby photos must be submitted by Wednesday, March 31. More information can be found in the email provided by 12th grade counselor, Shea Vetterick.