Four Outside Doors and Frames Are Replaced


Sarah Katheron Latham

DOOR AND FRAMES GET REPLACED — Hamilton County maintenance workers make progress on the installation of new doors.

Sarah Katheron Latham, Assistant Editor

After 50 years of learning in the Highway 58 location of Central High School, the school building is in need of repairs and updating. Improvements are currently being made to the outside of the gym building at Central by replacing four of its outside doors: one of the outside gym, the entrance to the side hallway, the outside door to the piano lab, and the entrance to the armory on the lower floor of the gym building.

“The replacement of the doors of the gym building is a welcome upgrade for our school. By replacing these doors, not only will they function better, but this will improve the cleanliness of our building,” explained Katheron Latham, choir and piano teacher.

The doors were ill-fitting. This resulted in the doors being difficult to lock, open, and close. Some of the doors were letting in leaves, trash, insects, and other items from outside of the building.

“The doors were old and beat up and did not close properly.  We had to really had to work hard with them to get them to lock and secure.  We could do it, but they’re as old as the building, over 50 years old. The district had planned to replace them years ago, but with everything going on in the district, they just got around to replacing them,” said Steve Lewis, Assistant Pricipal at Central.

Everything is being replaced. The doors and their frames will be taken out, replaced, and sealed.

“The outside door of the Piano Lab is also being replaced.  The current door fits so poorly it is very difficult to use.  It will be great to have a properly fitting door now so it will be accessible as needed,” declared Latham.

The project has begun with the gym door and hallway entrance. The Hamilton County maintenance workers have built a structure to prevent people from entering the building where the work is being done.

Hamilton county maintenance workers continued to work throughout spring break in order to reach completion as soon as possible.