Promethean Boards Delivered to Central


PROMETHEAN BOARDS DELIVERED TO CENTRAL — New Promethean boards sit in the front hallway.

Sarah Katheron Latham, Assistant Editor

Six brand new 65″ Promethean Boards have been delivered to Central High School.  The new Promethean Boards are  interactive displays that allow teachers to project and control their computers from the large touch screens.  Scott Phillips, Kevin Parsons, Adam Fletcher, April Hashe, James Massengale, and James Snyder will all have the new boards installed.

“The Promethean boards primarily establish an integrated projector and whiteboard. This doesn’t seem like much, but establishing a classroom environment where the technology is a resource rather than a hurdle allows everything to flow more efficiently, both between and during lessons,” Mr. Parsons expressed, English department head and philosophy teacher.

The school had some surplus funds available, so they set out to update technology that may not have been updated otherwise.  While there are a few classrooms that have updated technology, such as Promethean boards and TVs, there are some who struggle to get a projector mounted on the ceiling.

“I have been waiting for three years just to get my projector mounted on the ceiling to get it out of the way, so the Promethean board is a major upgrade that circumvents waiting on the HCDE maintenance department,” Parsons voiced.

“We want to upgrade the technology in our building; it’s a goal [of ours],” Donna Rast, Central’s book keeper, explained.

The Promethean boards were available to core classes: math, English, science, and social studies.  Each department head was asked to discuss the opportunity with their peers and then decide who would most like to receive a Promethean board.  After inquiries were made, several teachers were excited to utilize the new technology in their classroom.

“Projecting onto a white board is a very handy tool for looking at a text together, allowing students to see my annotations and corrections. A regular whiteboard does this fine for grammar, but I can’t make real sentences and paragraph changes in real time on a whiteboard. The smart board lets us move around a text without having to erase and rewrite passages,” Parsons explained.

Central will continue to update their technology, in hopes of creating a more productive classroom setting.

“The goal, I suppose, is to make a more visually engaging classroom to reach more students,” Parsons declared.