Free Virtual AP Classes Are Being Offered in Tennessee

(FILE PHOTO) -- The 2018-2019 AP Biology Prep Book

Bailey Brantingham

(FILE PHOTO) — The 2018-2019 AP Biology Prep Book

Tyson Dean , Staff Writer

With the COVID-19 pandemic exacerbating, virtual learning has taken a toll on the education system. Virtual learning is an easy way to reduce contact with others and still get your education. Tennessee has taken advantage of the easy virtual learning, as courses for AP classes have been offered to students, including some here at central. Sydney Stone, a senior at Central, was one of the students offered this program; however, she seemed to recognize the downsides to the program.

“I just thought that I wasn’t going to learn anything in a class that didn’t have a teacher and so I decided not to take the online AP class,” stated Sydney.

Although virtual learning may appear easy for some students, virtual learning can lead to a lot of holes in properly getting an education. Sydney pointed out some of the flaws in the program when asked if overall, she thought it is a good program.

“Not really, because an online-only class leaves a lot of room for people to just google and answer and not actually learn anything…So instead of learning something, you’re reading something and then you are putting it on a piece of paper and sticking it in the back of you’re mind, never to be touched again,” replied Sydney.

Some believe that free virtual AP classes are not the most ideal program for students. Shea Vetterick, a counselor at central, however, has different thoughts on the program.

“I feel this could be a very beneficial addition for our students but also realize that students will be responsible for their success. I plan to be a layer of accountability for students, and I know we have wonderful teachers that can serve as a resource if needed, ” Vetterick stated.

Vetterick also plans to reevaluate the classes in November, so there will be more spots for students at Central if interested.

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