Free ACT Retake For Senior Students in Tennessee


Karleigh Schwarzl

(file phto)– A student prepares to practice with the 2021-2022 ACT Prep Book.

Chloee Cannon, Staff Writer

Central High School was one of the many schools in Tennessee that are allowed to have senior students retake their ACT. The Tennessee Department of Education highlighted the opportunity for seniors to boost their scores on the ACT. The ACT is a comprehensive college entrance exam covering a wide range of assets like mathematical skills, grammar usage, science interpretation, and reading comprehension. Since tests like the ACT determine eligibility for scholarships students are encouraged to take this opportunity and retake it. The test retake determines by district but Central High School starts on Tuesday, October 5th.

Commissioner Penny Schwinn stated that ” While the fall ACT retake has always been available to our seniors, this year’s retake opportunities offer seniors one more chance to potentially boost their scores and demonstrate readiness for college and career.”

Senior students took the ACT last year as a junior during the COVID-19 pandemic. Although the retake is a good opportunity, students may be feeling stressed or anxious while others feel confident.

“I feel confident and prepared about the retake, I’ve paid to take ACTs over the summer and I have done some tutoring over the summer to help increase my scores,” stated Jack Graham about how he feels about the ACT retake.

Studies show that students who retake their ACT have an average score increase of one point higher on the exam. This increase in score in one or more subject areas tested will have their super-score composite available to send to institutions and scholarship programs. This means if they score higher in any subject on the test it will help them with scholarships and college offers.