New Attendance Room for Central Being Built


Carmen Breitenbach

New Attendance Room Being Built for Centrals Front Office

Carmen Breitenbach, Columnist

There is no question that students and teachers have taken notice of a new room being built right outside the Central front office. Construction of this room started in the summer while students were on summer break, and it is going to be the new attendance room for front office member Lee Anne Brock. 

Brock can be found in the middle of the front office where her desk is located. Her job usually consists of checking in students who come in late and fixing the attendance while also answering and making calls. In the past, if a change to the attendance needed to be made you’d take it to the front desk; however, when construction is done, you will be going to the room right beside the front doors. 

Brock also describes this new room to be “an extra set of security.” The first set of doors will be locked so anyone outside has to ring the bell before entering; in addition, the second set of doors will also be locked so that Brock will have to open the door herself for anyone to get inside the actual building. Parents will also be able to communicate with her from the window, if needed, instead of talking through the outside speaker. 

There are many things that excite Brock about this new attendance room. She looks forward to having her own space to do her work and is happy that Central is taking extra security precautions with both sets of doors being locked.

It keeps everyone else safe,” explains Brock. 

There is no set date for when the building and setting up process will be done, but hopefully once the electrical gets done and the phone system gets put in, it will be a nice and valuable addition to Central High.