Mrs. Mariea Dobbs Selected as Dedicatory for the Class of 2022


Bailey Moore

MRS. MARIEA DOBBS SELECTED AS DEDICATORY FOR THE CLASS OF 2022 — Dobbs, 2022 Dedidatory, is teaching her last class of the day, German 1.

Bailey Moore, Staff Writer

Mrs. Mariea Dobbs teaches English and German here at Central. This is her 26th year teaching. Since Dobbs has been here at Central for over 10 years, she was one of the candidates this year and was voted as the class of 2022’s  dedicatory. She will now be the planner of this year’s Senior Day.

As far as she could remember, Dobbs always wanted to be a teacher; however, when she started college, she started to move away from the idea of teaching only because of all of the options she saw. She finally took a education class and realized that the idea of teaching really excited her and she could not imagine having any other career. She decided to teach English and German because she felt she was skilled with languages.

“Mrs. Dobbs is an excellent choice for this year’s class dedicatory. She is dedicated, caring, And dependable. She is a joy to work with each day,” shared 11th grade English Teacher Misty Jones.

The Class Dedicatory is chosen by the senior class to represent the class at Senior Class Night. To be eligible, faculty must have taught at here at Central for at least ten years. The teacher only receives this honor once as they are always connected to the class who selected them. The dedicatory is invited to all future class reunions.

To the class of 2022 she said, “Obviously, thank you, but also that I remember when you were freshmen, and it has been an honor and a privilege to watch you grow and mature over these last few years.  I look forward to running into you in a store or on the street some time in the next few years so that I can hear all about what you have been doing and how you are making your dreams come true. Your class has had some trying times, and I know that you can use those lessons to become strong, independent people making a difference in this world.”