2022 Graduation is Set for Tuesday, May 17th at Finley Stadium


2022 GRADUATION IS SET FOR MAY 17 AT FINELY STADIUM — Central’s 2021 graduation was held at Central Memorial Stadium.

Kendra Jones, Staff Writer

For the first time ever, Central High School’s graduation will be held at Findley Stadium in downtown Chattanooga, according to an announcement by Hamilton County Schools.

The Central Class of 2022 will be graduating on Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at 7:30 p.m. at Finley Stadium. This schedule is subject to change if Hamilton County has a surge in Covid-19 cases or if there are weather issues. 

Graduation venues are coordinated by the district office. Venues selected had been previously off campus until COVID-19 forced Central’s graduation to be held on Etter-Farmer Field inside Central Memorial Football Stadium. During the height of the pandemic, venue changes were made to adjust to COVID-19 restrictions.

“With COVID cases in our area currently in decline, the district was able to secure some of the previous venues. The current plan is to return to the off-campus venues,” explained Principal Phil Iannarone.  

All schools’ graduation plans are available to view on the Hamilton County Department of Education website. There are pros and cons to all the venues. Some may prefer for graduation to be on Central’s football field because it is closer to home and has more of a connection to the school itself. Others prefer to have graduation at venues, such as Finley Stadium, since it would be more uniform as well as have better seating and parking. 

“I’m looking forward to celebrating the accomplishments of our seniors regardless of the location. I think this is always an exciting time and I enjoy seeing each year’s seniors start the next chapter of their journey,” Iannarone shared. 

“Having graduation come around this quickly is scary. I remember being excited to graduate high school but now that it is getting closer I don’t want school to end as much anymore. I’m excited to see what life has in store for me and my classmates after graduation,” shared Senior Angel Villenueva. 

Since graduation is quickly approaching, seniors must complete all requirements and finish all course work, besides senior exams, by May 6 in order to participate in the graduation ceremony. 

In addition to this coursework, seniors must purchase their cap, gown, diploma cover and tassel which are required for the ceremony. 

“There is not a definitive deadline, but to ensure you have a cap and gown for graduation, you need to order as soon as possible. The cost will go up gradually the longer you wait.” stated 12th grade counselor, Shea Vetterick. 

The FAFSA Form and the mandatory TN Promise Webinar must be completed by February 1st to remain eligible for the TN Promise Scholarship.  Students’ 8 hours of volunteer hours for the TN Promise must be completed by July 1st.