Letterman Jackets And Class Rings Make A Triumphant Return



William Burroughs, Staff Writer

With some of the sports seasons coming to a close for the summer, the school is offering students to buy letterman jackets for the athletes and players. Along with those jackets, the school is selling class rings to the classes of 2022 and 2023.

“I am getting both a class ring and a letterman jacket,” stated Brandon Williams. “I am especially excited that they are bringing the letterman jackets back. My grandfather (Mike Stephenson) was a member of the first class to graduate from the ‘new’ Central in 1970 and he had one. He still has that same jacket to this day.”

Williams said he will get the same theme on both his jacket and his class ring (baseball and academics) to really match what he is proud and persistent on.

“For my ring, I picked a purple stone but it’s not my birthstone,” mentioned Alexander Akins, a junior in the class of 2023. “I plan on getting guitar put on it and also my football helmet with my number, 77,”

In order to get a letterman jacket, you must first receive the letter C from either excelling in academic achievement or varsity sports. Along with that letter, you receive a magazine that shows all the customizations for your letterman jacket. Between the genuine leather sleeves and the name customizations, there are plenty of ways to design your jacket, your way. But to go further into detail, you can get a deluxe edition. In this edition, you get to have the option to put your name on the back of your jacket with all your patches and other customizations wherever is desired.

In total, the price range is between $139 and $265 but is definitely worth every single penny.

Not only are the letterman jackets making a reappearance, but so are the class rings. The Balfour Company is now making class rings for the classes of 2022 and 2023, giving people a way to remember their high school experience. These rings are extremely customizable, fitting to whomever their wearer may be. In order to purchase these rings, you need to visit www.balfournooga.com or go to the Balfour Company location. With these customizations, there are jewels and colors to choose from. Not only that, but you may also choose the material and size of your ring. These rings are absolutely a must and the Digest would highly recommend you check them out.

Overall, these jackets and rings are a great thing to have to return to Central. They are special to both of these classes and are especially special to those leaving or moving on into a new chapter of their lives.