A New Donation for the Positivity Club


Mrs. Broussard in front of her classroom

Ryan Brown, Staff Writer

The Positivity Club has been gifted $750 by the Alumni Association to help with their efforts to make Central High School a more positive place, fun-filled environment. Mrs. Broussard, the teacher who runs the Positivity Club, gave a presentation to the Alumni Association about what the Positivity Club is about and how they affect Central High School.

“Teachers like Mr. Cantrell and Mr. Parsons suggested that I talk to the alumni,” stated Broussard

Broussard also admitted that she was nervous before talking to the alumni at the meeting. Although there was only a total of 16 people who listened to the presentation, the alumni were so impressed by what the Positivity Club has done that they offered $750 to help out with their goal.

” I was in shock when they said they’d be donating $750 to the Positivity Club,” stated Broussard

With the $750 donation, the Positivity Club has used it on getting a colored printer that can print documents in color to aid them in future projects. So far, the Positivity Club has been able to complete most of its goals for the year.

“A lot of our goals that we came up with have already been accomplished,” mentioned Broussard.

A few of the club’s accomplishments are: helping the library, nominating the teacher of the month, making their own club shirts, making the chalk drawings around the outside of the school, and much more. Since the club started the support, their peers have been giving them lots of support.

Mrs. Broussard said, “The teachers love the teacher of the month awards.”

The Positivity Club has been finding and creating new incredible ways to help out the school and build positivity around the school and has done an excellent job in making Central High School a more positive environment.