The New Kiln is Killing It!



Mrs. Hoseman and the Kiln

Isabelle Martin, Staff Writer

The art room is getting a brand new kiln! It’s a 208 voltage single phase kiln that is fully electric and can operate safely without anyone monitoring it. This new kiln can reach up to 1800 degrees, so it can only be run during the cooler months to keep the room cool. A work order has to be placed for the venting in order to keep the fumes from the clay, glaze, and paint out of the classroom. With the venting, kiln, and shipping the total cost comes out to about $4,930. The kiln has been paid for by multiple sources and will be put to good use in any and all of the art classes.

Central’s art teacher, Mrs. Melissa Hoseman, plans to use the kiln to incorporate pottery into her art classes through a unit for those who wish to participate. Seeing as some students didn’t want to get their hands dirty. She also wants to try to incorporate it into the art club, where they can make small clay stamps and other types of projects. The kiln itself is coming to Central in the summer. Hoseman wants to do some fundraising, in the form of mandala calendars or coloring books with illustrations by the students.

Hoseman has a very creative family, and so her love of art shines in everything she creates.

“I know people who can paint but can’t sketch. People who can sculpt but can’t paint.” Hoseman says, “It’s all about finding the medium you’re most comfortable with”