Phil and Judy Crowe Step Up to get Staff, Students, and Parents Excited About Central

Front Garden Area Will Be First Focus


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PHIL AND JUDY CROWE STEP UP TO GET STAFF, STUDENTS, AND PARENTS EXCITED ABOUT CENTRAL- Central is hoping to see some new changes brought to the school for the 2022-2023 school year.

Amber Burchfield, Staff Writer

With the 2021-2022 school year coming to an end, there are many changes that are taking place at the home of the Purple Pounders. One change being made is the hopes of PTA, funds being raised for teachers, and obtaining ambassadors to get future students of Central High School more excited. Parents of freshman Alyssia Crowe, Phil Crowe and Judy Crowe, have many new ideas to bring into the spotlight at Central.

“Students and parents working together with the teachers are an asset to any school,” expressed Phil and Judy Crowe.

The Crowes would love to see many changes take place next school year such as a brighter spark brought to Central and getting students and parents excited to be a Purple Pounder. Phil and Judy Crowe are hoping to be able to send a note home next year for parents to join PTA. The note will express how parents could help with future goals for Central for a small price of $10.00. The Crowes would love to see parents get more involved in Central and help teachers, students, and the school itself in many various different ways.

“Central is always open to parent involvement and would love to see new changes and positive views brought to Central High School,” stated Principal Iannarone.

Not only can parents be involved in Central high School, but students can as well. The Crowes wish to see students excited to attend Central with high hopes for their future. Phil and Judy Crowe not only have goals for Central on the inside, but they also have goals for Central on the outside. The family would love for the school to get a fresh new look such as fixing the front garden area in the front of the school. The Crowes feel first impression is lasting and could give a bright new look to Central as new students walk through the doors of the home of the Purple Pounders.

“One thing we would like to see is the front garden area to look better when people walk in. A first impression is always lasting,” shared the Crowes.

With a new school year approaching, new changes brought to Central would be a great asset to the school. The Crowes are looking forward to getting many Pounders involved in Central success and improvement. Updates on PTA and more will be published on the Central Digest website.

“I think it will be great if we get a group of parents to start making improvements to our school,” state Caiden Marler, a sophomore. “We need those people involved.”

Staff member Ryan Mallory, who has taught English at Central for nine years agreed.

“Parental involvement is the start to positive change. I’m excited to see the good work this group can do,” he said.