Checkmate! Tima Murza defeats Previously-Undefeated Mr. Cuttle

Mr. Cuttle had not lost before in years of play at Central


Isabelle Martin

CHECKMATE! TIMA MURZA DEFEATS PREVIOUSLY-UNDEFEATED MR. CUTTLE- Tima Murza and Mr. Cuttle battling over a game of chess.

Alyssa Fax, Staff Writer

Mr. Mark Cuttle, previous 4 year chess champion, has finally met his match. With the defeat of this fierce adversary, Tima Murza, there is a new chess champion here at Central.

Tima Murza is a 15 year-old Ukrainian-born sophomore, who likes to play PC games and has played chess all his life. His father taught him to play chess as a child, and has since practiced in his free time. With his first year of Central barely kicking off, he has defeated the self-proclaimed champion of chess, Mark Cuttle.

“I started playing chess because I wanted to teach my sons like my father had taught me,” Cuttle commented. “My son was also about 15 when he beat me for the first time.”

Tima Murza is not the only student to have beaten Cuttle, another named Tyran Forte also defeated the ex-champion recently, having been taught by his mother. Cuttle expressed it was interesting how the social tradition of passing chess from father to son was evolving and changing into more of a game for everyone to enjoy.

The chess game was a long and hard battle that lasted about two advisory periods. Cuttle with 10 years of chess experience has played countless students at Central who have almost taken the crown. Most notably, student Olivia Keebler, who had cornered him into a draw stalemate.

“He’s a reserved and thoughtful player who slowly takes over,” Olivia Keebler reflected. “It was a pretty even match. He asked me to call it a draw and I agreed.”

Although Cuttle’s chess club is so far unofficial, its doors are always open to those who want to come and play. Who knows? Maybe you, reading this article, will be the next chess champion at Central and knock the skilled Tima Murza from his throne once and for all.