The U.S. Federal Government Makes a Change to School Lunches


Mackenzie Farner

THE U.S. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAKES A CHANGE TO SCHOOL LUNCHES- The Central High School lunch line has some new changes that are being made.

Miracle Strickland, Staff Writer

Some changes have been made at Chattanooga Central High School this up becoming 2022-2023 school year. One major change has been students have to pay three dollars for their previously free school lunch.

“With the start of the 2022-2023 school year, school meal programs will go back to how they operated before the pandemic. While some schools will qualify for free lunches for all students under federal guidelines, others, including your school, will not.” stated Crystal Baker, accounting technician for Hamilton County Schools.

During Orientation students were given a card with a picture to scan with their phone which led to a link for parents to fill out the application. Students could also receive a paper copy when going through the line. It is recommended they do it online for it to go through faster. If parents had any questions they should contact Crystal Baker at 423-498-7290.

“The application process for free or reduced price lunch is now open. Families are encouraged to complete and submit the application if they have been eligible in the past or if they think they may be eligible now. Completing the process now will simplify the process once school starts,” explained Baker.

The application for free or reduced lunch can be found here.

“I think it is unfair for them to start charging for lunches. What if some kids don’t have the money to pay for a lunch. Most kids rely on school to eat, and three dollars is not worth it for the food served in schools. I would rather bring a lunch than pay for lunches here,” shared junior Alexandria Hardy.

Lunch is now $3 for every meal, which means if students eat breakfast and lunch they’re spending a total of $6 for two meals a day. If students sign-up online or via a paper copy they can get free lunch here at Chattanooga Central High School.