The Performing Arts League Donates $1,000 to the Piano Lab


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THE PERFORMING ARTS LEAGUE DONATES $1,000 TO THE PIANO LAB- Central’s piano lab teacher, Mrs. Latham, being presented with the $1,000 donation from the Performing Arts League.

Melina Barros, Staff Writer

Central High School has received many donations over the years for the school. A new one being $1,000 donation from the Performing Arts League. This league is a non-profit organization located in downtown Chattanooga. This organization focuses on the Chattanooga area, promoting youth involvement in the performing arts. The league raises money and sends it to schools or needed areas to promote performing arts. Two years ago, when the piano lab was just then being opened, Central received their first donation from the Performing Arts League.

Central’s music teacher, Mrs. Latham, applied for the grant again with high hopes. She noticed the headphones and basic classroom essentials in the piano lab needed replacing. The league was happy to donate again to the school’s piano lab. Since Central received this grant, new music, new headphones, and more are being replaced in the lab. With new music genres, many students can engage more in the lab by plying the type of music they enjoy.

“We were blessed to be granted this money and we hope that it will help the piano lab continue to thrive and grow,” shared Mrs. Latham.

Central and the piano lab are very thankful for the donation given by the league, and hope to continue improving and growing the performing arts at Central. Students are very excited to receive new equipment to continue exploring their love for the piano and music.

Student Jayla Darosa stated, “I Believe that this grant will be very beneficial because we are in need of some new headphones, and overall new equipment. This will also make the piano lab turn into a new place.”

Many students who play in the lab are very excited for new music genres they are now able to choose from. With this new arrangement, students are able to enjoy the lab even more, and focus on their passion for the instrument. Mrs. Latham and students in the lab, have hopes of new students wanting to join now that they are able to play the type of music they are most interested in.

“This will benefit us because I believe because, more people will want to join and learn their style of music. The class is going to have a new look and vibe as well,” exclaimed Melia Barros, one of the students in the classroom.

In May, Mrs Latham was asked to speak at a Performing Arts League meeting to discuss Central High School’s piano lab, and how the program is succeeding. During this event, Mrs. Latham was presented with the $1,000 grant. Central is honored to receive this grant and will use the money to continue to improve the school.