Central High School Has Been Named a Level 5 School of Excellence

Only Eight Hamilton County High Schools Earn Award


Bailey Moore

CENTRAL HIGH SCHOOL HAS BEEN NAMED A LEVEL 5 SCHOOL OF EXCELLENCE- Principal Iannarone announcing Central’s recognization as a level 5 school to the student body.

Alyssa Fax, Staff Writer

The hard work by Central students and staff has paid off. Central High School was listed as a “Level 5” school for the first time in its history. This is a great honor that Central is ecstatic to be receiving. As a level 5 school, Central has excelled academically last year to earn this position. At a school pep rally on September 2, Principal Phil Iannarone announced the recognition.

“Our level 5 recognizes exceeded projected growth in the school and in its student body. It is the highest distinction available for the Tennessee school and value system,” he exclaimed.

The student body and staff have all worked really hard to get this. I think consistency is something to be proud of as well.”

— Mr. James Snyder, math teacher

In addition to Central, other Hamilton County level 5 schools include: Red Bank, Tyner, C.S.A.S., East Hamilton, Girls Leadership Academy, Chattanooga High School for Creative Arts, and Chattanooga Charter School of Excellence.

Staff and students were pleased with the denotation.

“We are level 5 and have made huge improvements, but we still have a lot farther to go,” said Mrs. Melissa Hoesman, Central art teacher. “If we improve on writing, we will keep gaining. It’s really important to have solid writing skills; they will help with everything you do in the future.”

The level 5 score comes from testing data from the 2021-22 school year, which was the first “normal” school year since the COVID-19 pandemic kept school attendance at an erratic pace.

Mr. James Snyder, math teacher, said that although the designation is great news, all of Central will have to keep working hard to maintain a level 5.

“Once you get to a certain level, it can be harder to have substantial growth,” Mr. Snyder expressed. “The student body and staff have all worked really hard to get this. I think consistency is something to be proud of as well.”

From 2018-2021 Central High earned a level 3 which means that the expected growth was achieved. Although it is not as significant as level 5, it means that Central students are and have been on track in years past.