Central’s Positivity Club Adds TV Themed Decorations to Classroom Pods


MacKenzie Farner

CENTRAL’S POSITIVITY CLUB ADDS TV THEMED DECORATIONS TO CLASSROOM PODS — Central’s Positivity Club designs Netflix show, Stranger Things, inspired TV for the front of C-Pod.

Alejandra Vargas, Staff Writer

Over the summer, eleventh grade Honors English and Creative Writing teacher, Casey Hale and ninth grade English teacher, Nikki Broussard received an idea from junior, Megan Mabry, to decorate each class-pod here at Central with a different television show theme to counteract the lack of creativity and dry colors seen throughout the pods.

“I think that decorating the pods will boost morale more. You’ll walk around the pods and want to see what’s in the decorations, what’s around the corner, all that. It will hopefully make people want to come to their classes,” commented Positivity Club member and junior, Megan Mabry.

The club took a while to vote on what theme’s they wanted featured throughout the school. It was decided that C pod would be Stranger Things, B pod would be Sponge Bob, D pod would be Scooby Doo, and E pod would be Rugrats.

“I think the decorations look really good,” said Tina Coutreau, science teacher. “They look refreshing and the Spongebob one looks like the font (from the show).”

She added that she thinks they did a great job and that the students will appreciate the fact that they went through all that trouble to make the school look nicer.

Between the eerie feeling of the upside down, to the brightening smile and charismatic personality of SpongeBob, the positivity club matched so many details and provide lots of vivid images to brighten up everyday school life.

“I think that the positivity club decorations bring a nice life to Central”s hallways, they are usually very bare and neutral colored and now we have bright colors and decorations with TV shows and movies we like so I think it makes a positive addition to the pods,” stated C-pod eleventh grade Honors English and Creative Writing teacher, Casey Hale.