The Film and Ruriteen Club Conduct a Campus Beautification Project


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THE FILM AND RURITEEN CLUB CONDUCT A CAMPUS BEAUTIFICATION PROJECT- Pictured above are students and volunteers planting new trees to help beautify the front of Central High School.

Melina Barros, Staff Writer

On Saturday, November 5th, Central High’s Ruriteen and Film Club completed a beautification project at Central with the help of Bayside Baptist Church members. The clubs planted trees in front of the school, and plan on planting flowers in the months to come. Students, staff, and volunteers worked hard to complete the project and helped bring new brightness to the campus.

Film club sponsor Adam Fletcher shared, “I think the project has given a new and improved look to the school. Everyone worked very hard to help out the school, and the community.”

Volunteers started by digging spots to plant the trees in the brick planters. Next, they planted the trees and secured them into place with fresh dirt. Members of Bayside Baptist provided shovels, wheelbarrows, and other tools to complete the project. Snacks were provided as well for everyone who participated. Seniors who volunteered during the beautification project earned 2 hours of volunteer work for Tennessee Promise. With help from many, the project was completed successfully, and a new life was brought back to the school.

“It was both a bonding experience for me and my peers and a great way for me to help out,” stated junior Joe Chong.

Fletcher had the idea occur to him to plant fresh new trees in front of the school. With help from the Ruriteen Club, the idea came to life. White Creep Myrtles were the trees that were planted by the volunteers. With the new trees and fresh filler dirt, students and staff can’t wait to see the new trees blossom and grow.

“We want to thank all the people who have volunteered and the folks who have provided monetary support for our efforts. We hope to continue and expand this project in the future, and continue beautifying our campus,” exclaimed Fletcher.