JROTC Hosts Their Annual Military Ball


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Military ball attendees

Ryan Brown, Staff Writer

On February 24, The JROTC held its annual Military Ball. This ball allows all JROTC or dates of the JROTC cadets to participate in the ball. The theme for the Military Ball was Red Carpet and every male cadet who went to the Ball had to wear their JROTC uniform, while the females had to decide between wearing the uniform or a dress of their choice. While they were allowed to choose a dress, there are some restrictions on the type of dresses they can wear. They needed to be a solid color, cover your back, and be appropriate for the ball. If you brought a male date, they would need to wear something that is neat and appropriate. The price for the tickets was 40 dollars per person attending.

Previous attendees of the Military Ball have had a lot of good things to say about the event.

Madison Standridge, a JROTC cadet, mentioned “I love being able to dress up and be around all my friends.”

The Military Ball is mainly set up by the cadets. The battalion’s leadership is the main cadets that plan out the Military Ball. Cadet Mckayla Hadland is the main cadet who’s planning the Military Ball.

There’s a Saber Team who’s going to be there to honor their fellow senior cadets. There are cadets participating in theĀ  Saber Team consisting of Alan Castillo, Aaron Sharp, Christian Rubio, Morgan Rigsby, Jeremiah Hingleton, Landon Crawford, Austin Forehand, and Jeremiah Hill.

Alan Castillo who’s the captain of the Saber Team stated, “I’m excited to be able to be captain of the Saber Team and the Military Ball as a whole.

The JROTC was overall excited and grateful for such an amazing Military Ball experience.