Are You A Smartphone Addict?

SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCHOOLS? -- Students spend too much time on social media than in school

SOCIAL MEDIA IN SCHOOLS? — Students spend too much time on social media than in school

Savannah Smith, Assistant Editor

With popular apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, it makes students wonder if they spend too much time on these apps than on school work. With seven classes a day, extracurricular activities, and many assortments of homework, some students try their best to not only do well in school, but maintain their social standing too.

As crazy as school is, being on social media is just a way for a person to take a break from it. Of course, some students regulate it and maintain to have time to do other things, but not everyone unfortunately.

“I try to maintain how much time I spend on social media, but sometimes I overdo it. I would say I spend most of my time on Snapchat. With all the different filters and effects, it’s hilarious to do and sometimes a good distraction.” stated freshman, Jimena Villanueva.

On average, a student spends about 27 hours a week on social media. That is 27 hours that could be used to read a book or do something more productive than posting a selfie for your thousand followers.

As crazy as teachers enforce that students are overusing their privileges on social media, it actually is very important experience in a teenager’s life. Some students use social media as a representation of themselves by posting selfies and update statuses to express who they truly are, but not in all cases. Sometimes students take it too far with how popular they are by the representation of how many thumbs up they got on their post.

“I think that students spend too much time on social media. Everyday in the hallway students are walking around worrying about how many likes their photo got or how this person said this on Facebook…it’s crazy,” shared softball coach, LeeAnne Shurette.

Overall, everyone can admit that social media is a major distraction that is rapidly growing and becoming more accessible to students at Central High School, but we can control it. Maybe instead of updating a post about how you have no plans today, you could read a classic novel or actually do your math homework. Also, if you choose to spend time on social media, don’t get caught in the trend of how many likes you get on different pictures because you don’t need someone’s approval to be happy and express yourself. In conclusion, we,at the Central Digest, believe that students can have fun on social media, but doesn’t need to lose the main focus of graduating high school and being academically successful.