Editorial: With Little Experience in Education, DeVos is the Wrong Choice for Leading America’s Schools

DEVOS FACES TOUGH CONFIRMATION HEARING -- Donald J. Trump and Sec. of Education Nominee Becky DeVos share similar views about schoools.

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DEVOS FACES TOUGH CONFIRMATION HEARING — Donald J. Trump and Sec. of Education Nominee Becky DeVos share similar views about schoools.

Preston Fore, Assistant Editor

Nearly 90% of America’s students attend some form of public school. As guaranteed under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution, every child has the opportunity to a sufficient education. However, as many know, our education system has many flaws that need solutions, mainly the lack of funding, opportunity, and effectiveness. With a new incoming President comes a new head of the Department of Education. President Donald J. Trump has nominated Betsy DeVos to lead the department.

Betsy DeVos’s was questioned about her history and beliefs during her Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee confirmation hearing on January 17.

The DeVos name is a well known name in the world of business. In total, the DeVos family is worth well over $5 billion, and the family has “possibly” donated more than $200 million to the Republican Party over the years. Nevertheless, Betsy DeVos has devoted much of her time and money towards education. As the chair of the American Federation for Children, Devos has advocated for charter schools and voucher programs to provide more school choice for students across the country.

“It is important to believe in the potential of public schools. DeVos seems to believe in their potential to fail by strongly supporting charter schools,” explained sophomore English teacher, Sally White.

Government really sucks.”

— Betsy DeVos, March 11, 2015

While, DeVos has stood strong for education she believes in, her actual qualifications and experience in public education is minuscule. Neither Mrs. DeVos nor her children have ever attended a public school or institution. Furthermore, her family was never forced to take out any student loans. On top of that, Betsy DeVos has never taught or served an administrative position in a public school. The only experience DeVos has in public education is “mentoring.”

“I absolutely believe the Secretary of Education should have experience in public education. Many grievances of educators is that the administrators do not have classroom experience, and she has none,” said White.

The United States Department of Education has an annual budget of $150 million and deals with a $1 trillion student loan bank. DeVos has no personal experience in college financial aid or management of higher education. Yet, she is likely to be confirmed with republicans out numbering democrats in the Senate.

“[DeVos] seemed to be misinterpreted at times during her committee hearing. Her lack of experience in public education still concerns me the most,” commented Kevin Parsons, sophomore English teacher.

On a local level, if DeVos actually wishes to make a positive difference in the education of students at Central High, she can start by properly funding our school systems, paying teachers an affordable wage, and making college more affordable.

“It is hard to say what DeVos would do to help our schools. She seemed to be dancing around all questions posed to her,” stated White. “The flaws of public schools cannot be recognized without first-hand experiences.”

To Mrs. DeVos: We do not need guns in schools to protect us from grizzlies, nor do we need someone who supports for-profit charter schools in Michigan that preform worse than the public schools. Before you try to control our public school, how about you actually visit one and realize the struggles of innocent children that are not privileged enough to inherit billions of dollars.